Monday, September 12, 2011

Where in the world have we been?

getting ready for our saturday morning walk down to the park

holden is all ready to go too!

such a big girl, going down all the slides by herself these days!

still loves her time in a swing, any swing!

liza & holden playing

we got to visit granpa ray on saturday afternoon - mom, grandpa & grandma

he even got to meet his first great grandson (and see his sweet great granddaughter, too!)

grandma dody came over to the stougaards to visit & stayed for dinner, including happy hour with our favorite lakeside view

sunday morning - harper decided to take full advantage of her "single mom" while dad was out golfing, she ran upstairs to explore in her diaper. in the past few weeks, a game of chase is taken up every time an article of clothing is removed! she can really run, too!

So, where were we anyway?

This past weekend we were in Fairmont, Minnesota for the annual Interlaken Golf Invitational...

Lots of golf for the boys! Beautiful weather for walks, playing at parks & exploring for the kiddos.

It certainly was an adventure to travel out of town for the weekend with two children! Especially as our air conditioner went out on the car before our drive home! Overall, a fun time & always wonderful to see our family up north :)

I promise to become better at updates! Wow, 2 kids is super crazy on an hourly basis, throw in going back to work full time & I really don't know where time goes. Just have to find the battery to our old camera so I can upload all of our pictures from the summer...goal will be to get that done in the next few weeks (hope that is a reachable goal!). One of these days, I'll get it all together :) maybe by the time holden is 2 or so...

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