Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Silly Girl!

Harper & I were busily unloading one of our bathroom drawers (a favorite activity these days) and came upon all kinds of fun headbands. We both took turns modeling several of them at once, pretty amazing for a girl who never wants anything on her head! Silly girl, that Harper Grace :)

Easter Weekend

Harper, Easter morning!

Exploring the eggs in her basket... Ready for a post-church snack! Signing "grapes", her new favorite fruit!

Easter family photo

H exploring the patio...

getting to be such a big girl :)

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Showers

Tub time!

Me & Holden...32 weeks

never took a full "body shot" with Harper, pardon the tub toy mess!

We bought our first Popsicles of the season, realizing quickly why they are a wonderful "outdoor treat"!but always tasty, any time of the year!

Harper had her last week of Young Athletes for the year, it will start back up in November, hopefully more fun photos to come later in the year! She really did love the few times we went this spring.

We were invited over to dinner on Sunday night at the Browns. They have a beautiful new dining room table that we were lucky enough to help "break in"!

After dinner, Mike joined Elliott and played some Wii games

So, a relatively busy weekend, for us anyway! Yucky weather, but spring is in the air, the warmer temperatures are coming soon, right? Looking forward to spending this Easter Sunday with family & friends. Have a great week :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wonderful Weather!

It was in the mid 70s on Sunday morning! We decided to head out for a nice, long walk & then hit up the playground, what a great way to spend the morning!

Later in the afternoon, I decided that it was about time Harper got her first pedicure :) We painted our toes in the dining room - what an adventure! Mama + Harper's coordinating toes...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Elliott's Birthday Dinner

Elliott Brown is 9! Holy cow, can't believe it! We were invited to celebrate with him & his family last night. We were treated to dinner at Gengi Steakhouse! Such a fun night with great friends :) Harper absolutely adores Elliott (and his entire family!), we were so delighted to be able to share in his celebration...Happy Birthday Elliott!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Already?

Now that Harper is 2, she is old enough to participate in the "Young Athletes Program". This is a program run by students at UNO and is held at Elite Cheer every Sunday. We've gone the past two weeks & Harper just loves it. She has time to run & play with other kids her age, as well as sneaking in a little PT. This picture was before her first week, looking athletic, don't ya think?
Harper is quite the helper around the house, this weekend, she really got into sweeping!

In other "growing up!" news, Harper was graduated to Toddlers at church this week. No more nursery for this girl! We celebrated her move, as well as the amazing spring weather on Sunday with a new outfit :)
Today is Mike's birthday!

Happy 35th Daddy!

We love you - Harper & Mama/Wifey