Friday, June 24, 2011

Hospital & Home

We had several visitors come see us at the hospital after Holden was born, somehow I only ended up taking pictures of Harper (of course!) and the Browns...thanks to all who came to see us! It was a quiet & special time to bond with our new baby before heading home, I must say, the nursing staff at Methodist Women's Hospital was absolutely amazing, they were all so very kind and helpful...
Harper is her "big sister" tee!

We have a busy few days ahead of us, Grandpa & meme are coming over with dinner tonight (yea!), Auntie Jill & Uncle Tim are in town for Cousin Jaxson's baptism on Sunday and then Auntie Pollyanna arrives in Omaha on Monday for a nice, long summer visit (Yea! again!)

More to come soon, off to hold Holden!

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