Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Pink Dress

So the story goes that both my mother and myself have
been photographed in this very same pink dress out on the lawn
at my grandparents. Harper is a little younger than we were but we
didn't want to miss the opportunity to continue the tradition!

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the weekend up in Fairmont at Grandpa & Grandma Stougaards.
Lovely weather, lovely company! It was relaxing and wonderful.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time is Flying By!

Wow! Harper Grace turned 3 months old yesterday!
It's been a wild month involving me going back to
work, moving into our new house & even a road trip
down to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hopefully, we'll be able
to slow down a bit and enjoy our summer.

Here are some fun pictures to share of our growing
baby girl.
Climbing on Dad...

Harper's 12 week portrait session! Finally caught that smile!

Mother's Day 2009: A lovely brunch at Grandpa & Grandma Gorders!
What a fun way to spend my first one :)

Harper in the car on the way down to Hot Springs, 12 hours down,
14 back - what a trooper!