Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walking the walk...

Here's Harper, walking!

Parking + Walking!

Last night we went to the park...
Harper is ready to explore the world! She took on the playground last night!

Ready to go down the slide, all by herself! The twisty one she did with dad...
Harper just loves to swing, the higher the better for our "danger girl"!

On Monday night, she started to walk all by herself using her walking toy! We are so proud!
Standing solo - to model her new Halloween pjs!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Buddy Walk 2010

Harper made it until 12:30 with no nap! Thankfully she finally, started to doze...
Fell asleep on the walk, with one foot saying "hi!"
Harper woke up after the walk & was ready to PARTY!
Having fun with Sophia...
Lots of fun with Sara's sister Stephanie..
Playing with balloons...
Dad & Harper relaxing after a long & wonderful day!

The Buddy Walk was a huge success this year! It was a beautiful
day, in the 80's and sunny! We had quite a few friends & family
join us for the walk at UNO and then spent a delightful afternoon hanging
out at the Aksarben Village clubhouse.
We came in 6th place overall for fundraising! We raised $2929.00 for ODSPN!!!
So proud of Harper Grace's Gang! Thanks again to all of those who have helped
us in support of this wonderful cause!
But most of all, we are PROUD to celebrate Harper and the lovely little girl that she is.

Friday, October 8, 2010

October, so far...

Dad + Harper at the zoo...
Busy playing with blocks...

and playing in the dishwasher (busted!)
I think Harper has decided that she is going to "help" dad unload...

such a good girl! buddy walk is tomorrow, we are so excited! looking forward
to posting a big ole' thank you post on monday + lots of pics - have a great weekend!