Thursday, July 22, 2010

Orlando Adventure!

Getting ready for her first flight!
Harper did so well on the plane, we had a great time flying with her...

The 3 of us getting ready to take flight...
We had lots of pool time, Harper loves to swim!

Other than swim, we mostly ate & played & slept - it was a lovely get-away!
First time enjoying worms in dirt (pudding with smashed oreos and gummy worms - yum!)
"movie star"
Pollyanna came down for 3 days & was a huge help while Mike and I attended our first Down Syndrome Congress Conference...
at the pool Harper loved the water fall & "inspecting" the concrete around the edges of the pool
Our last night in Orlando Mike & Harper swam after dinner & had an absolute blast, pics and video to follow..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

busy pulling up on everything
busy bringing the cuteness

busy standing with dad
busy learning how to swim
busy hanging out with bride-to-be
busy celebrating
busy enjoying fleeting moments of bachelorhood
busy hugging my favorite miss jackie
busy napping + cuddling with dave
busy being the browns!
busy being great grandparents

busy popping kids champagne
busy looking silly
busy reading with elliott
busy being adorable eva jean
busy enjoying every moment with dear sister in omaha

busy lovin on my baby
busy being a total ham
busy with my kawa sisters celebrating weddings and soon-to-be nephew
busy getting loved on by adoring family
busy enjoying the company of family who thankfully are friends

busy giving baby advice
busy being a beautiful mother of the bride with her 4 handsome boys
busy being licked by olive
busy reading with meme
busy modeling the cutest.dress.ever. - thanks pollyanna!
busy auntie + baby bonding time
And now, take a breath + we are off to Orlando tomorrow, will check in when we get back next week. Phew! Jaeme