Wednesday, May 25, 2011

35 and other things...

On my birthday eve, Harper Mike & I went to Ingredient for dinner - yum!

I then spent the Thursday of my actual birthday continuing to work on getting things ready for Holden's arrival, setting up the kids' room and getting a wonderful hour long massage!

Thursday night we took Harper to her first baseball game, the Omaha Stormchasers! We got through two innings before the rain came, but in that time we all had hot dogs, Harper danced to the national anthem & the visiting team gave her a baseball!As Harper is the first occupant of the new "room for two", we've been working on getting "her side" of the room ready, Mike & I hung up her artwork and new hoops of fabric to accessorize her wall :)

Holden's side is next, to be finished by this weekend (I hope!)As we are going through each room, ridding ourselves of junk... we are also discovering long lost treasures, like pink tutu's to play and dance in :)

Happy times here at the Kawa house, lots of excitement ahead, Holden's due date is in 18 days! We can't wait to meet him, and I can't wait to spend the summer with my two beautiful babies :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Our little reader...loves her books!

Walkin & Talkin on the phone, just like Daddy!

Mother's Day brunch a day early, at Wheatfield's - mama's favorite, so yuumy

Later that day, we headed over to Grandpa & Meme's for lunch, a nice long walk outside

...and some swinging at the park! A perfect day :)