Monday, September 19, 2011

Holden: 3 months

such a sweet smile, we see it more and more everyday!

Holden rocked the Bumbo this weekend for the first time!

Having fun with his big sister!

doesn't he just look thrilled ?! :)

Well, in the past month, Holden has definitely "turned into" a kawa in the looks department, so handsome- just like his daddy! He proved he was a great traveller as we made our first weekend trip to Minnesota last weekend - good spirits for the most part in the car! He still loves to be held & cuddled and now is starting to enjoy our musical numbers as well - pat-a-cake is his first favorite :) He just loves looking at his sister, she always brings a smile to his face. We are so lucky to have such a sweetie, happy 3 months baby boy!

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