Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is here!

We decided to welcome spring officially with short sleeves today - horray!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cardiologist Update

Ummmmm, Totally realized I forgot to post an update about our appointment last Thursday with Dr. Kutty at Children's! It was a fabulous appointment (if there is such a thing). Harper wiggled with all of her might, but after a while we were able to get her settled for her echo-cardiogram. And, ALL IS WELL :) Her VSD has closed about 95% on it's very own! Dr. Kutty believes that it will fully heal all by itself. We'll follow up in 15 to 18 months just to be sure, but he was fairly confident that at that point, her VSD will have completely closed. I cannot even begin to explain how very thankful we are that Miss Harper's heart will not require surgery!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thirteen Months

Harper playing on the bed. This is how we "box" her in when we need to get things done in the mornings! Surrounded by pillows, which act like speed bumps for the fastet roller in the West!
I broke my cleanse in amazing style...we went to Texas Road House for fried chicken & beer.
I am proud to say I made it 18 days, next time I'll shoot for the entire 21.
Harper's working her jazz hands here...
She absolutely loves this play table, especially her little laptop!
...busy working away!
I am afraid to realize that we're working on a bit of a baby mullet here, oh my!
I am at a loss for how to style this hair do! Hopefully we'll be on our way to a ponytail soon, like mother like daughter :)
Harper had a great 13 month birthday. We had another fun, relaxing weekend at home for the most part. Harper & I ran a couple of errands on Sunday afternoon and she sure charmed everyone at SurLaTable! We even received a 20% discount because I think the lovely woman that rang us up was so impressed. She waved & clapped, screamed & smiled her little heart out, she loved being the center of so much attention! We certainly are looking forward to nice, sunny spring days ahead! Hopefully filled with lots of walks & time at the park....Happy 13 months dear Harper Grace.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Had to wear the green today! Harper is so funny, she just loves to make her "picture" faces for me whenever she sees the flash, silly girl. We have the pediatric cardiologist tomorrow afternoon, hopefully all goes well. Then, another super organizational weekend ahead! We wish everyone a Happy St. Patricks Day ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marching along...

Harper's OT, Miss Desiree brought out a "seat" for Harper to practice sitting on. The plan is to work on transitioning to standing from here. But for now, it's a lovely place to sit & dig into all of our new toy storage containers.
Thanks to help & suggestions from Desiree, we had such a great week exploring all kinds of new culinary adventures! In the picture above, Harper is working on a baby cereal bar & banana! She now loves to feed herself crackers, waffles & toast. Transitioning to milk is going surprisingly well! We'll be finished with bottles (and that pricey Alimentum) in no time...hopefully fully on milk by April 1. Just this morning, she ate a whole half piece of toast all on her very own!
Here, I'm helping Harper use her hands to hold up her sippy cup. This is a big deal as she has totally refused to help hold anything when it comes to drinking (be it bottle or cup). She's working on holding it all by herself & lifting it up to get the water out, getting better at it by the day! Of course, in the picture above, she knows Mike is taking a picture & can't resist to ham it up:)
March has been a good & very productive month for us! Hence, my lack of pictures! Meme came over a couple of weekends ago & we totally re-organized the kitchen, it is amazing how much room I feel like we have now - simply wonderful. We built storage cubes + bookcases to organize Harper's ever-growing collection of things (toys, books, clothes - she's got it all, and lots of it!). I think we are one good weekend away from being totally organized & finally settled in the house (almost a year after we moved in!).
On a personal note, it's been a great month for me too. I started a detoxifying cleanse on March 2nd. Today is day 15 & I have been very devoted to all of the rules & whatnot. It's been a very cool experience. On the super plus side, I've lost 13 pounds (bye-bye baby weight, finally!) and I am hoping to continue with a much stronger & healthier diet after the cleanse is over. Mike & I have really enjoyed making all of the dinners (for him) and lunches (for me) together every evening after work. He's been a great big help with this whole adventure and makes my twice daily juices in the juice maker (a contraption I still haven't dared to use!).
I know that we are all looking forward to spring! Finally, after several months, there is no longer a massive snow bank in our front yard, little green blades of grass are starting to pop out & I think it's supposed to even be sunny tomorrow! Welcome Spring!