Thursday, August 8, 2013

hello crazy life!
words cannot explain or express what has happened to us since my last blog post...
but, we are rolling & rally-ing!
here goes another attempt at documenting this wonderful life I get to share with my friends and family :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let's go to the movies...

A few weekends ago, for a small period of time on a snowy Saturday, Harper got to be an only child again. We dropped Holden off at his Great Uncle Terry & Great Aunt Marilyn's and headed out with Harper to see her very first movie! We saw The Muppets. She had such a good time, loved the popcorn & twizzlers! She sat very still for the entire movie, entirely engrossed from beginning to end (other than a few eye coverings + quick hugs at the scary parts!)... such a big girl, we had a great afternoon!

Holden Smiles!

Holden & I stopped by mom + dads on Saturday to say hi...and finally caught his adorable smile on film, only took 6 months ;)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gobble Gobble

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! Lots of family & friends in town, lots to do!
Holden has really taken to his Super Saucer!

And, he continues to place EVERYTHING he can fit into his mouth ; )

Since Harper got glasses 6 weeks ago, her letter recognition (even with them off!) has just exploded! One of our favorite nighttime activities is to take a bath & sign and say each of her foam letters, we are so proud. I think "I" and "D" are her favorites right now.

We have been hard at work on an alphabet letter book for Harper, here is a sneak-peek, "A" is for "apple".

Turkey Day! Mama & Harper ready to head out to the Kawa's.

Daddy & Holden getting ready to go too!

Holden got to meet his great, great grandmother on Thursday, too much fun!

Harper always has fun playing with the singing puppy at Grandpa & Grandma Kawas!

Grandpa Tom & Holden

Holden and Liza at the Gorders, our 2nd and final turkey stop on Thursday

Always like to take a picture of two of the beautiful table settings on the holidays...had fun helping Meme with this one :)

Gobble, gobble - indeed!

Daddy & Harper

Grandpa & Harper Grace in a turkey induced sleep...

I finally got to go to Harper's dance class! So much fun. Sara is such a great teacher & Harper is quite a good listener, what a relief! She really has a lot of fun learning new dance moves!

While Daddy golfed and Holden napped on Friday morning,Harper and I decorated the Christmas tree together. What fun! I showed Harper how she could just rest some of the larger ornaments on the branches (so she didn't have to bother with the hooks). She then proceeded to place all kinds of fun things in our tree: tissue paper, boxes and even our stockings!!!

Harper & Eva ended the holiday weekend on a refreshing note, Popsicles in November!

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of fun, love and thanks - as ours was. Jaeme

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holden's Baby Days

All of a sudden this week, with Holden's 5 month birthday - it hit me! He is not going to be our little baby much longer. He is so close to sitting up by himself, he's eating cereal and growing like crazy! He is such a joyful child, much like his big sister and we are having so much fun watching him grow and change, and getting to know our sweet Holden Michael.

Harper's Makeover

A couple of weekends ago, Harper had some big changes! She got a haircut & new glasses. This is my "before" picture on Saturday morning...

Being such a good girl while getting her hair trimmed!

Happy celebratory lunch at Cheesecake Factory with Meme & Grandpa!

She started wearing her glasses that night & has done so well with them, we are so proud of her. Think they make a big difference in her vision, so now she giggles when we put them on in the morning, so excited to see!

And, of course, now books are that much more fun!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Trunk Or Treat

Eva invited us to join her at her pre-school's Trunk or Treat Halloween event last night. It was a beautiful crisp night & a perfect way to introduce Harper to trick or treating. Harper had such a fun time, she loved Eva's grape balloons, greeting all of the other kids dressed up in costume and dancing to the DJ's Halloween music!

Thanks so much to Eva and Sara for inviting us to such a special event, it was a wonderful night!