Monday, February 28, 2011

Harper's 2nd Birthday: Pizza Party!

Elliott & Eva just back from Florida in time for the party!
Jaxson & Harper
Cookie thank yous...
craft paper table runner...
Harper & Eva playing with the balloons, just like last year :)
Harper loved everyone singing "Happy Birthday!"
Cheering the blown out candle...
We had Harper's Second Birthday this past Sunday at Mama's Pizza. (I was not a very diligent photographer...not too many pictures to share.) But, we had a wonderful afternoon with family and friends. Harper had a blast eating pizza & her cupcake! We are so thankful that she is feeling better and we could celebrate T-W-O the proper way. Thanks to everyone who was able to share the day with us :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We'll just have to keep the celebration going!

On Valentine's night, Harper shared a chocolate cupcake with dad, it was delicious!

Harper got the flu last Wednesday, it's been a long week... Here she is on Thursday, I thought she was totally over it & we'd be back to normal schedule by Friday...didn't happen that way.
But doesn't she look well?
Saturday morning we had gotten over another bad slump!
(Friday was brutal, vomit and all)
Reading books & taking it easy!

Opening up wonderful packages from The Kitts & Great Grandma Dody, what fun clothes!

Birthday eve, Sunday night, after a trip to urgent care... confirmed pnuemonia, but allowed to go home & rest up...
Riding daddy! Off to bed for books...
and a lovely family photo session ;) we're going to have to work on these!

Birthday Girl! Monday we joined daddy & Meme for lunch at Cheesecake Factory!

A special birthday treat, they even sang to Harper! She loved it!

You know our little one is having a tough day when even ice cream can't bring smiles!

And, our day took a turn for the worst!
Harper spiked a fever again in the afternoon, up to 103 in a matter of minutes.
After talking to her doctors, we decided to take her to the ER at Children's Hospital.

Thankfully, one of the physicians saw Harper across the incredibly packed waiting room,
noticed her breathing problems and "fast tracked" us into a room. They were able to stabilize
her breathing & the fever started to drop. Due to her other complications (DS, VSD, etc..), we were checked in for the night. So, Harper's birthday evening was spent away from home.

Truth be told, I was thankful. This roller-coaster ride of fever, then okay, sick, than okay for the past few days was exhausting all 3 of us! It was a welcome relief to know that she would have the best people to watch over her & make sure she got well.

And, she did! We got the okay to go home last night!

She is doing well today.
The celebration of Harper's 2nd year will continue on...
Pizza Party on Sunday and a trip to Great Wolf Lodge
in Kansas City on March 6th!
Words just cannot express our love for our dear, sweet Harper Grace.
We are so incredibly blessed to know and love her.
She is our pride and joy.
I am a lucky momma.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day!

If we're talking love today, Harper would like me to give a valentine to the ball popper!
Her love for this toy may be only rivaled by her love of her "Babies!" videos :)
Valentine's Day head-to-toe...
ah, love my goofball
We had a fun weekend! Saturday evening, Harper headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Kawa's for an overnight while Mike and I hosted some good friends for dinner at our house. Dinner was yummy...I made a super delicious chocolate cake (from scratch!!!) which was my favorite part (other than the wonderful company, of course).
We headed over to the Kawa's on Sunday morning for brunch, where Harper had plenty of time to catch up with her cousin, Jaxson. They played very well together, this delights me to no end! Of course, to have wonderful cousins who'll be life long friends, but also knowing that Harper is going to be such a loving big sister :)
We headed out to Village Pointe later in the afternoon with Meme & did some birthday shopping! To be out in 60 degree weather in Omaha in February is an absolute treat!
Hope you had a fun weekend too!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dance Party

This morning Harper hosted an impromptu dance party in our kitchen.
She got out her Baby Einstein music box and played songs for all 3 of us to dance to after breakfast. Ah, the daily JOY that she spreads is absolutely delightful!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Fun

Harper has become quite the helper around the kitchen. Given any opportunity, she is always happy to help unload the dishwasher, close the regrigerator door and this weekend, she helped us unload all of our groceries :)
She really enjoys being a helper! It's so much fun to watch... and is especially mindful of her manners, when upon completing a task will sign "thank you" - so that I am reminded to thank her for all of her hard work. Oh, does this little child make me smile!

Newly developed fun at home. Dad giving rides to Harper - all over the house...
We watched the Superbowl over at Meme's & Grandpa's. Meme just had LASIK surgery on Saturday and was doing great! We enjoyed wings, pizza & ice cream sundaes - perfect food to celebrate the end of football season with! (haha!) Harper decided to route for the Packers in support of her Auntie Jackie & Uncle BJ in Madison, and also, because she knows that she is too young to have black in her wardrobe ;) Hope you enjoyed your Superbowl too...

Friday, February 4, 2011


I think Harper was wondering what was going on that morning, why no breakfast?
why am i allowed to watch "baby signing times" right now? ;)
At Boystown, in her surgery wardrobe...
the hardest part of the day for Harper was waiting so long to have some breakfast!
i think her toes were starting to sound pretty tasty!As always, she was a great sport!
Post-surgery, she was great! Just had to hang out for a bit and make sure she
was okay coming out of it...

Last week, we took Harper to Boystown Hospital to have tubes placed in both of her ears. She had hit the marker & it was time (6 ear infections in 6 months! poor girl). We spent the morning there & were out by noon! Wonderful staff and Dr. Allen all contributed to a safe + speedy surgery. Harper is simply thriving now that she can hear again! She's walking more, talking more and we hope will be able to stay healthy for a good, long time.