Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hello baby!

still not sure what i think of these 3-d ultrasound pictures...kinda freak me out
but, here's an ear + shoulder...
couple of face pics...arm raised on this one
good ole' fashioned profile shot!
baby is looking good, 51st percentile, "about as average as you can get!" according to our doc!
mike + i had fun spending time peeking at our little one today, thought i'd share a few shots.
:) happy tuesday

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a boy!

there's the bump! we found out on the 28th that we are having a boy!
one of each, we could not ask for more :)

Christmas 2010

We kicked off our Christmas vacation on the 23rd. Elliott, Eva & Sara came over
to exchange gifts, make Chex mix & enjoy lunch together!
Harper & Eva
Christmas Eve: we went to church and then over to the Kawa's for Christmas dinner & gifts.
Harper, Great Grandma Irene & Jaxson

Harper wasn't quite sure what to think of Tickle Me Elmo (Extreme!), he was pretty wild!
After the Kawa's, we headed over to Meme & Grandpa Gorder's. We all SLEPT IN (yea!), waking up well rested and ready for stockings, a yummy french toast breakfast & then more gift opening! Followed by a relaxing day of play & lounging! It was wonderful :)
Surrounded by all of her Santa gifts!

Opening her Bob Marley lullabies cd from Auntie Pollyanna! Harper does love her reggae!
Harper spent most of her day climbing stairs & having fun watching the slinky slink down them.

The day after Christmas Day we went back over to my parents for more lounging & football!
Now into the new year! We are ready for exciting new additions & more delight filled days with our sweet girl! Wishing you a happy new year!