Friday, October 21, 2011

Trunk Or Treat

Eva invited us to join her at her pre-school's Trunk or Treat Halloween event last night. It was a beautiful crisp night & a perfect way to introduce Harper to trick or treating. Harper had such a fun time, she loved Eva's grape balloons, greeting all of the other kids dressed up in costume and dancing to the DJ's Halloween music!

Thanks so much to Eva and Sara for inviting us to such a special event, it was a wonderful night!

4 months!

This past Saturday, Holden Michael turned 4 months old! He is such a delight these days!
He loves to play on his floor gym - rolling from front to back with ease, then getting frustrated at not being able to flip back over... he loves to bat at the charms & put anything that will fit, into his mouth! As you can see, he is already sitting up in the Bumbo - and we have the go ahead to try cereal, think we'll get out the highchair this weekend! He is such a happy boy and we are so lucky to know him! Happy Birthday Holden!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Little Dancer!

Sara brought this leotard to us at the hospital when Harper was born, can't believe how quickly time has flown by & that she is wearing it now!

Studying the moves of her favorite dancers, The Fresh Beat Band!

My dear best friend, Sara, has started a dance class on Monday mornings. Harper has been going now for a few weeks, we finally got her into official dancing gear this past week & I couldn't help but share pictures. I've been told that Harper is a very good listener & has so much fun participating with the other little girls! I cannot wait to see this sweet girl in action one day soon! At home, we do get to see Harper display her knee bends & hip shakes with pride! A dancer in the making, for sure!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family of Four

Dad took this picture a few weeks back at Vala's. It's our first official portrait as a family of four, and I love it! Looks like we've found our family photographer :)

A beautiful weekend

The weather was just right for two days of walks, playing at the park & just being outside!

And, we have 2 kids that just adore the outdoors!

Hair-do update! Still growing it out, got a trim Saturday & Meagan blew it out for me, since Mike & I had our big date night that night (Happy 7 years honey!)

Do all children love walking up slides? Our little girl is obsessed!

Big weekend ahead! Jill & Tim are in town, so we should have lots of fun with them! Mom's coffee Saturday & then I think Harper and I are due for a date day :) Happy Weekend to you!