Monday, August 30, 2010

Millard Days

We had a blast on Saturday at Millard Days! In the morning, we watched the parade with firends and then that evening we want to the carnival. A family tradition in the making!
Our spot for the parade! We arrived early to get a prime spot!
Harper & Kaylee sat front row...
We got lots of parade goodies along the way: balloons, candy, pencils, icee pops, stickers, paper airlplanes... good seats for sure!
the norwegians representing!
All of Sara's cheering girls!
Caitlyn hopped out of the parade to visit with Harper :)
showing off her parade "loot"

Elliott throwing the baseball at the carnival, too fast to capture!

Lance had his shot too, tying the speed record of the day!

The most fun, sharing Harper's first carousel ride with her!

What a fun weekend, hope you enjoyed yours too :)

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