Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BJ & Jackie's Wedding Weekend

And we are off on another trip! Madison bound... Harper did so well in the car!
Mama & H being goofs!

Friday morning we had breakfast with Daddy at the golf course....
Had a wonderful lunch with Grandma Kawa in downtown Madison, on our way back to the hotel we got caught in a crazy monsoon rainstorm! Stripped down to our skivvies only to realize there was a room full of people in a meeting looking right into our room! Not used to the urban environment I guess! But it was kinda fun running in the rain!
I got to sneak off to Trader Joe's! In the meantime Jill & Tim got to the hotel & hung with Harper...
Being a very good girl on our big boat adventure!
Double rainbow!
Whooping it up...

Finally conked out in Grandpa's arms.
First try at a family photo...
A much better second attempt!

the beautiful bride + groom
Post dancing flush, woo! was i having fun on the dance floor! a great party!
A great big "thank you" to our lovely hosts, Madison was a great time! It was a fun-filled weekend and we couldn't be happier for the Mr. & Mrs!

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