Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eighteen Months

Harper has her very first cousin! Mr. Jaxson Kawa, born to Stacy & Jason... a total charmer!
Proud mama!
Harper really didn't know what to make of Jaxson, we're sure they'll enjoy getting to know one another. The first meeting Harper seemed more interested in playing with Jaxson's toys! But, boy did I love holding him! Baby fever for sure!
Saturday morning, her "birthday", goofing around before we went to "Big Splash" to hang out & try to sell some of our Down Syndrome Super Mom's group calendars...not a smashing success in the sales department, but we had fun hanging with the Harnish family!
Loves looking at her reflection in the freezer drawer..
Harper is now a big girl, saying bye-bye highchair, hello booster. We love having her sit at the table with us!
And boy, does she love her books!
Only to be rivaled by her love for the activity table!

Mama + H
While Dad golfed on Sunday, Harper and I rounded out our weekend with a delicious girl's night out, dinner at La Mesa with Sara & Eva, our favorites!
Eva, the kitty cat + H, not sure what to make of Eva's "face"

Over the past month, Mike & I have decided that Harper's true name is indeed "The Tornado!" She moves very quickly & manages to destroy everything in her path. There have been many nights, once Harper is asleep & we're working on putting everything back together that I have wanted to take a picture of the chaos...But, on to bigger & better things. Month 19 will be dedicated to learning the art of "Pick Up!" Wish us luck!
Happy 18 months Miss, Mama + Daddy

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