Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Fun

Harper has become quite the helper around the kitchen. Given any opportunity, she is always happy to help unload the dishwasher, close the regrigerator door and this weekend, she helped us unload all of our groceries :)
She really enjoys being a helper! It's so much fun to watch... and is especially mindful of her manners, when upon completing a task will sign "thank you" - so that I am reminded to thank her for all of her hard work. Oh, does this little child make me smile!

Newly developed fun at home. Dad giving rides to Harper - all over the house...
We watched the Superbowl over at Meme's & Grandpa's. Meme just had LASIK surgery on Saturday and was doing great! We enjoyed wings, pizza & ice cream sundaes - perfect food to celebrate the end of football season with! (haha!) Harper decided to route for the Packers in support of her Auntie Jackie & Uncle BJ in Madison, and also, because she knows that she is too young to have black in her wardrobe ;) Hope you enjoyed your Superbowl too...

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