Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend

Yea, new spring capris :)
standing with dad

so, we decided to give Harper her first taste of Easter candy Friday night, she absolutely loved her first Peep - like mother, like daughter....yum!
she managed to fit the entire peep in her mouth! delish
Easter morning nap, usually a Sunday morning ritual - on the living room couch; just depends on which one of us gets to hold her (and nap at the same time, of course!)
we let daddy continue to sleep as Harper taste-tested various parts of our Easter dessert for the Kawa family celebration later that day
Easter was a wonderful day! After preparing dessert, we scrambled to get ready for church (insert: Harper pooping in the tub - yuck! & me changing dresses only after getting in the car & Mike noticing a stain on the one I was wearing!!!) We somehow made it on time to meet the Brown family for our annual tradition of Easter service at Christ Community. Harper was so well behaved, she absolutely loved the worship time - screaming & waving her hands with everyone else! We then headed to Grandma & Grandpa Kawas for Easter Brunch, which was lovely. Had such a nice time, I failed to take any pictures, gotta work on that one. Didn't get a single one of Harper in her dress (bad mama!). Made it home for a long afternoon nap - had by all 3 of us...lovely. Then we headed over to the Brown's for more fun, celebrating Elliott's 8th Birthday. A great day. We are blessed indeed....

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