Monday, April 26, 2010

14 months

Celebrating the big 14 month birthday at home!
just love those monkey toes...
pre-surgery - looks so sad, doesn't she? what a trooper!post-op, notice her purple "x" tattoo above her left eye, Dr. Troia wanted to be sure they corrected the correct eye!
Afternoon of her surgery, we were back home at 9 and Harper was ready to get back into action.. her new "koosh" ball - spur of the moment walgreens purchase...
deep in thought....
oh, how much Harper loves her blocks
Saturday morning fun!
such a morning girl!
Harper & Dad had a day together on Saturday (I had to work). They even went down to the zoo for the first time this season together, lucky! I must say that Harper has really "exploded" in the personality department this past month. Enjoying everyone she meets, greeting them hello & giving big good-bye waves! She babbles almost non-stop, seemingly running a commentary on our very exciting lives! She is so much fun, we are so lucky to know + love this sweet child. Happy 14 month birthday Harper Grace :)

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