Monday, March 22, 2010

Thirteen Months

Harper playing on the bed. This is how we "box" her in when we need to get things done in the mornings! Surrounded by pillows, which act like speed bumps for the fastet roller in the West!
I broke my cleanse in amazing style...we went to Texas Road House for fried chicken & beer.
I am proud to say I made it 18 days, next time I'll shoot for the entire 21.
Harper's working her jazz hands here...
She absolutely loves this play table, especially her little laptop!
...busy working away!
I am afraid to realize that we're working on a bit of a baby mullet here, oh my!
I am at a loss for how to style this hair do! Hopefully we'll be on our way to a ponytail soon, like mother like daughter :)
Harper had a great 13 month birthday. We had another fun, relaxing weekend at home for the most part. Harper & I ran a couple of errands on Sunday afternoon and she sure charmed everyone at SurLaTable! We even received a 20% discount because I think the lovely woman that rang us up was so impressed. She waved & clapped, screamed & smiled her little heart out, she loved being the center of so much attention! We certainly are looking forward to nice, sunny spring days ahead! Hopefully filled with lots of walks & time at the park....Happy 13 months dear Harper Grace.

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Harnisch Family said...

I'm glad you shared your blog with the group, I have enjoyed getting to know you & your baby girl through your posts. Harper is absolutely adorable, I just love her sweet sweet smile :-) I look forward to seeing you again at Mom's Coffee...and would especially look forward to meeting Harper very soon as well :-)
Take care of that precious angel!
I can tell that you are a great mom, she sure is lucky!

Sherri (mommy to Macy)