Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marching along...

Harper's OT, Miss Desiree brought out a "seat" for Harper to practice sitting on. The plan is to work on transitioning to standing from here. But for now, it's a lovely place to sit & dig into all of our new toy storage containers.
Thanks to help & suggestions from Desiree, we had such a great week exploring all kinds of new culinary adventures! In the picture above, Harper is working on a baby cereal bar & banana! She now loves to feed herself crackers, waffles & toast. Transitioning to milk is going surprisingly well! We'll be finished with bottles (and that pricey Alimentum) in no time...hopefully fully on milk by April 1. Just this morning, she ate a whole half piece of toast all on her very own!
Here, I'm helping Harper use her hands to hold up her sippy cup. This is a big deal as she has totally refused to help hold anything when it comes to drinking (be it bottle or cup). She's working on holding it all by herself & lifting it up to get the water out, getting better at it by the day! Of course, in the picture above, she knows Mike is taking a picture & can't resist to ham it up:)
March has been a good & very productive month for us! Hence, my lack of pictures! Meme came over a couple of weekends ago & we totally re-organized the kitchen, it is amazing how much room I feel like we have now - simply wonderful. We built storage cubes + bookcases to organize Harper's ever-growing collection of things (toys, books, clothes - she's got it all, and lots of it!). I think we are one good weekend away from being totally organized & finally settled in the house (almost a year after we moved in!).
On a personal note, it's been a great month for me too. I started a detoxifying cleanse on March 2nd. Today is day 15 & I have been very devoted to all of the rules & whatnot. It's been a very cool experience. On the super plus side, I've lost 13 pounds (bye-bye baby weight, finally!) and I am hoping to continue with a much stronger & healthier diet after the cleanse is over. Mike & I have really enjoyed making all of the dinners (for him) and lunches (for me) together every evening after work. He's been a great big help with this whole adventure and makes my twice daily juices in the juice maker (a contraption I still haven't dared to use!).
I know that we are all looking forward to spring! Finally, after several months, there is no longer a massive snow bank in our front yard, little green blades of grass are starting to pop out & I think it's supposed to even be sunny tomorrow! Welcome Spring!

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