Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eight Months Old

Harper loves her new exersaucer - working her Zoolander pose!
This past weekend we got to hang out with the Stougaard girls, Harper loves spending time with her cousins :)

In the spirit of football season, Mike & I decided to have Harper's 8 month photo session in her Sconnie onesie (a gift from Uncle BJ + Aunt Jackie), so delighted to have finally captured that infectious smile in a picture!
Hanging out on the couch...

I also realized how much I love seeing Harper with these darling little bows in her hair! She's becomming such a little girl...

Harper's new favorite snack, her toes!
Decided we should actually take some pics with us in them! H and Dad!

H & Mama
I can't get over how cute these little leg warmers are! Not sure if Harper agrees...

A very un-official family portrait!
Oh Harper Grace, I can't belive how much you've grown + changed! We had so much fun with your photo shoot last night! You definately know how to smile for the camera now. Happy eight months sweetie! Love you bunches - Mama+Dad

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