Friday, March 25, 2011

Marching along...

We're working on Harper improving her self-feeding skills...
Of course, she's got her mama's sweet tooth, so sugary desserts (chocolate pudding!) are always a delicious way to motivate Harper :)

Our big girl moved into her "big girl" bed this month. Now the crib is ready for Holden!
She has done so well in it, only one falling out of bed accident to date (and that was kinda my fault! whoops...). I've (finally!) stopped rocking her to sleep - waaaaay more difficult for me than for her. Now, Mike & I take turns laying her down in bed for the night, listening to quiet music & rubbing her back.

Last night we met up with the Brown girls for yogurt at Red Mango!
We had great time! Harper enjoyed playing with all of the treasures in Sara's bag!
Hope you have a great weekend! Jaeme

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