Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where did November go!?

Holy Cow! I didn't post for a hole month! Oops...
Well, here is our November wrap up:

we spend lots of time playing on the "busy table", Harper is quite the dj

I think she is modeling in this shot!
Standing up all by herself these days!!!
Playing with the Browns on a Sunday evening...
Ready for dinner with Eva..
Sporting new winter coat & hat. brrrrrr!
new jammies from grandma kawa - hair by daddy...
silly girl with a moustache
singing songs with the Browns on chex mix making night...
Thanksgiving 2010...gobble! gobble!
h + mama
h + daddy - what a face!
standing up all by herself!
so big!
beautiful thanksgiving table, delish!
Harper was our baking supervisor the day after thanksgiving, directing us from her easy chair!
meme working on those spritz cookies (and boy...did we have to work for those!)
this is the year i finally caved into mike + buying an artificial tree, but we love it!
harper absolutely loves the lights on the tree this year, memories in the making!

my favorite ornament on the tree this year, a gift from michelle last year, it's an absolutely darling picture of my favorite girl!

I, jaeme kawa - do promise to improve on my posting skills this month. lots to look forward to... cheers!

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