Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Our little girl turned 16 months old on Monday. She is so full of joy! She is (what I like to call) "crab crawling"...pulling up on anything that will support her & is the proud new owner of 3 whole teeth! We're loving the summer, swim lessons + books these days. It is truly a blessing to know our sweet Harper Grace. What a ham! She loves her books though (hurray!)

We went for a walk out at Chalco Hills last night, beautiful weather...great company!

This is really the "ham of the month" shot! She loves to pull up on the tub (which of course, terrifies me, so I spend all of her tub time now with my hands behind her making sure she has gentle landings!). I asked Mike to get a picture because we're all so excited about this new fun activity! And, then she sees the flash & gives that trademark ear-to-ear grin. Oh Harper, to know you is to love you!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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