Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fifteen Months

Enjoying the warm weather on Sara's deck...
Mama & Harper celebrating her first rigorous round of army crawling on the Brown's kitchen floor, watch out world - we've got a mover + a shaker here!

Arriving at Meme's picnic on Saturday afternoon...

Good times with Meme!
If all else fails, Annie's Honey Bunnies (graham crackers!) - worked for me as baby! Good to know some things never mother, like daughter
Hanging with Dad...
In less than a week, Harper has discovered how to get wherever she needs to go, and quickly! Found her way into our corner Monday afternoon & checked out each and every toy thoroughly..
"Baby Signing Times" face. I've never seen her react to anything like this! The "babies" come onto our television screen and it's frozen silence, until she's clapping & dancing in approval! Hopefully, she's picking up some sign language, if nothing else, we know she's having fun!

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