Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Happy Hearts Weekend

We kicked off the weekend in our usual style, playing in the living room!
Think this is Harper's new model look! The squinty eyes...very fashionable!
Working on scootch-ing all around the floors - so much fun to go backwards!
And roll over...
I can't bring myself to trim her bangs which now hang in her face, so for a while we'll be embracing the "pebbles" look!

Daddy took his girls to Wheatfields for Valentine's breakfast....yummy!

Harper always looks like she's screaming with this real life, it's totally silent, this is how we "pose" for all pictures now - heehee...

Such a big girl in her high chair!
Can't believe her birthday is this Sunday! ONE year, holy moly....
What an incredible ride it's been, so filled with joy... LOVE you so much - our dear sweetheart!

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