Monday, January 25, 2010

Eleven Months

birthday morning "do"

keeping busy while mama + daddy get ready in the morning...

playing with dad
new jammies, getting so big!
Oh, Harper Grace! We can't believe how big you've gotten! Eleven months, holy cow!
Every morning we wake up to you babbling away in your crib, da-da-da-da, ba-ba-ba, sweet to hear! You're eating so well these days, you are no longer
a vegetarian, gobbling up turkey + chicken with the best of seem to enjoy most
things we feed you, other than fruit. Somehow, you don't really have a sweet tooth (yet).
You can sit + play for unlimited amounts of time now, have really mastered your exersaucer,
dare I say it might be time to put some toys away that you've already grown out of?
We like to read books + sing songs together. You're latest favorites are "Row, Row" and
"3 little monkeys" with all of the actions, of course! We are working on hands + knees
so that you'll be ready to crawl soon (some days, like this morning - you just won't have
any of it!)...all in due time. We love you miss lovely eleven monther!

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Anonymous said...

love some pics of her like the first one but no clothes on, love them in onesies though they are so easy to unsnap, pull her diaper aside and rub her little pussy, they kick and giggle like crazy when you rub it for them