Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nine Months

Saturday morning, playing with blocks...
... tasty blocks, I should add (everything is tasty these days!)

Harper started to flip from her back to her tummy in the past few weeks, now she's flip-flopping and rolling all over the place!

That lovely cereal smile :)
Bottle time with Dad

Sneak preview of Christmas dress, took our Holiday photo on Saturday too!
Some of the cute shots that didn't make our card...
Laughing with Dad...
Sunday we put up the tree, Harper was a great helper!
Harper Grace turned 9 months old on Saturday! We had a great day celebrating together as a family. Grandpa & Grandma Gorder moved into their new house (complete with Harper's very own bedroom!) so we stopped by to visit for a bit, then watched the Husker game together (should admit that all 3 of us slept through the 2nd half!) It was a nice quiet weekend as we gear up for Thanksgiving tomorrow, we are reminded how very thankful we are for such wonderful family & friends.
Happy Birthday dear baby girl, we are so very thankful for you!

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