Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harper is on the mend!

At home on Monday night!

Harper & Mama

Sara came to visit Harper on Thursday

Grandma Ann helping Harper with her Pedialyte breakfast

Harpers "E.T. toe"

Dad holding Harper through the ER craziness

What a week!
We took Harper to the ER Tuesday night &
after many hours & tests found out that she
had an intussusception - basically her intestines
had collapsed upon themselves. She had surgery
at 6 am on Wednesday morning and recovered
at Children's Hospital until Friday evening...

She's doing quite well this week and seems to be
healing quickly! Dr. Azarow & the entire staff at
Children's were wonderful to us. Thanks to all of
Harper's family & friends for the visits, calls,
well wishes & prayers. They mean so much to us :)

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Amanda Lackas said...

OH MY GOSH --- I am so sorry to hear about poor little Harper's hospital stay. I am glad she is healing well and hopefully she'll be all better soon!